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The foundation of any good content strategy is taking a deep dive into your audiences' needs and pain paints - also known as developing audience personas - then documenting the high-level content themes that will both interest them; and serve your brand's strategic objectives. These are also known as your content pillars and will provide the guard rails for your broader content strategy. 

Persona & Pillar package - benefits

  • Take the guesswork out of your content creation efforts

  • Minimise wasted effort - focus on creating what the research tells you is going to work

  • Get executive buy-in and support for further content marketing efforts


Inclusions - we will:

  • Host an internal workshop to agree key audiences and target outcomes of content program

  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research of target audiences (surveys and interviews)

  • Undertake social listening to understand what's being said about your brand 

  • Conduct competitor research - understand the conversation and identify gaps and opportunities

  • Final deliverables include target audience 'persona' documents and content pillars / theme aligning to each audience

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