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A content or editorial calendar is absolutely critical to the succesful execution of a content marketing strategy. It's important to know which piece of content is going on which channel, and when, so you can be more effective and strategic in your efforts.

Content Calendar package - benefits

  • Keep your content efforts well-organised and on track

  • Ensure co-ordination across the business 

  • Be more strategic and consistent - minimise the stress of last-minute surprise projects


Inclusions - we will:

  • Build your content calendar from scratch, or optimise what you've got, based on industry best pratice

  • Take ownership of planning your content by audience and channel - what is going where, and when

  • Facilitate regular meetings with your internal subject matter experts to plan future content

  • Create briefs for new content to be created, including spokespeople and key messages 

  • Provide recommendations on refresh and reuse of older, high-performing content 

  • Track recent competitor content - so you know what your competitors are saying

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